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North Dakota CattleWomen

The North Dakota CattleWomen are dedicated to promoting the health benefits of beef and educating consumers about the industry. We offer a variety of educational programs for school-age students throughout the state. Our main objective is to maintain and increase the demand for beef while promoting a positive image of the industry.

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Beef Education

North Dakota CattleWomen are making a positive impact in their community by sharing information about beef with students. Through their "Beef Books" program, they donate books to school libraries and city libraries, ensuring that students have access to accurate and informative resources. 

CattleWomen are passionate about educating children and the role of cattle in their daily lives. Through a variety of events, they provide beef education to daycare through school-age students. Join us in promoting the benefits of beef and supporting our local communities.

You can follow us on Facebook to view our school visits. 

Beef Promotion

North Dakota CattleWomen are dedicated to educating consumers about the nutritional benefits of beef in a healthy diet. Beef is a great source of high-quality protein that plays a significant role in fueling active bodies.  We provide science-based information to help people make informed decisions about their food choices.

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